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Who We Are:

Mountain Warrior Academy , or MWA is a family owned and operated school with a large emphasis on families! In 1973 the school opened under the name Mountain Warrior School of Karate. We have come along way over the times have changed so have we. We have a practical/live arts focus in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Adult Striking & Self Defense Classes. We also offer Gymnastics and a Kids Warrior Fit Class for the younger ones! (MWAMA). MWAMA is very rooted in our community and the desire to provide meaninful opportunities to everyone that walks through our doors.

We believe in diversity and openness in order to acheive personal growth in everything we do.

At MWAMA we believe it is very important and critical for us to provide instructors to our students that specialize and have extensive training in their own field/art. We feel that we have the best staff of instructors that anyone could ask for right here at our school! We offer a large variety of classes/days/times for all ages.

We encourage you to stop by anytime and see what we have to offer. Your first week of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Adult Striking & Self Defense is always FREE!!!

If you are interested in a martial arts school that is open to learning and sharing...then this is the Academy for you. Come on down and check us out. Your first week is always FREE!

We invite and welcome you to visit us, view any classes that we offer, and even participate in a class in any art at no charge so that you can experience what we have to offer first hand!

All martial arts training should only be used to better ones self and as a path to higher understanding of ones self.  Martial arts should never be used with the intention of purposely seeking to cause harm to others.

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